How It Works


Our why: Ruoom Live, a service of Ruoom Inc., was created out of necessity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, massive demand for online fitness streaming via meeting apps and tracking payment through online payment services emerged. We very quickly realized this approach could be improved to create a better experience for customers and instructors. In partnership with a video hosting service and Thinkific, we set up a live stream and video on demand (VoD) service to offer freelance fitness instructors around the globe a way to continue to build their personal brands and stay connected with their community, now and in the future.

As of May 4th, we have opened up the platform to allow more users the opportunity to post VOD content by simply filling out our onboarding form. Our program update means there is no longer an application process to post VOD content. All are welcome and to make it as easy for you as possible, Ruoom will manage customer attendance and all payment collection. 

Live streams, on the other hand, will now operate on an invite-only basis and will be made at the discretion of the Ruoom Inc. staff. Considerations to be invited to use Ruoom Live for live stream include, but are not limited to:

  • Active user of Ruoom Live
  • Strong viewership statistics
  • Positive community builder

How does Ruoom partner with fitness instructors?

Our mission at Ruoom is to support small businesses (you), and we want to be as accommodating as possible. That means the following:

  1. Fitness instructors are not employees of Ruoom Inc. They remain independent and have the freedom to direct their content as they see fit within our Terms of Service.
  2. All fitness instructors that use our service will need to fill out a W-9 or W-8BEN, provide proof of insurance for fitness instruction, and digitally sign and accept our company Terms of Service and Merchant Agreement Terms for Ruoom Live
  3. Fitness instructors have the freedom to set their rates for live streams and VoD content. Minimum price settings apply.
  4. Ruoom will manage all customer payment collection for fitness instructors, so all you need to worry about is creating great classes that your customers will want to watch.

How does a customer access content?

All content will be available at where customers can sign-up, pay, and watch live stream or on-demand videos.

How do my customers pay for access to a video or live stream?

For your domestic and international audiences, our secure paywall appears before every video and live stream. Customers have the option to pay through Stripe or PayPal for access to your content.

What is a 'Course'?

A 'course' is equivalent to a fitness class. On Ruoom Live, this is a single live stream or video on demand. Courses are categorized under the instructor's name. For example, if Amy is the instructor streaming yoga at 1 PM, you will find her course under the category "Amy," with the title "Ashtanga Yoga | 1 PM."

How do fitness instructors get paid?

Ruoom Inc. will deduct an 18% + $0.30 fee (all processing fees included) per live stream attendee and VoD rental or download. All live stream content must be priced greater than or equal to $5 and VoD content must be priced greater than or equal to $2. The fees keep our video hosting, and video paywall operating, as well as cover the cost for our team to manage these systems and market (more on that next). Keep in mind, VoD will remain up unless you say otherwise. Meaning, you can continue to get paid for content you previously produced if you send people to that video. Payouts will be made through PayPal. We will also provide you with a detailed report of your viewer statistics, sent to your emailPayouts shall be made every Monday post a security hold of 7 working days from the end of the week in which live stream or VoD is delivered.

You can find an example of our fee structure here.

For live streams, what is the process?

If you are invited to use Ruoom Live for live streams, there is no special equipment required. You only need an app or free software plugin (called an encoder) to stream. Don't worry; we have step-by-step instructions on how to install and connect to our hosting system and you will only need to do this one time to get set up.

Can instructors edit and cancel live streams themselves?

While we do want to offer instructors flexibility, we also want to be fair to customers that sign up and pay for a live stream and expect it to take place. Therefore, we require that instructors notify us directly when a live stream needs to be changed or canceled. If a live stream is canceled, refunds will be issued within 24-hours.

Will Ruoom help promote my events?

Yes, however, those that will have the most success using our platform will also promote their streaming and video content to their own social channels and existing customers to increase the likelihood of viewer participation.

I want to create a live-stream and on-demand service like this for my business. Can you help?

Yes. We are available for consulting to recommend and implement options for your business needs. Please contact us at discuss.

How do I sign up to use the platform? Please fill out our onboarding form which can be found here.